Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DAXCONF Ax programming model improvements


We just finished the session on programming model improvement ... information overload :-)
The speed of the session is as impressive as the improvements themselves. As MS announced, 'the surface is sratched', we've got an impression of the innovations, no deep-detailled-dive. A rough list of what's been shown:
- table inheritance possibilities
- date effective tables
- computed columns on views
- introduction of having clause
- support for SQL temp tables
- introduction of watermarks (on obsolete fields and dateMax date values)
- All above realised by a bunch of new properties on tables, indexes, forms ….
- Unit of work pattern to reduce developer complexity in managing CUD sequencing and transaction mgmt
- delegates and eventing

The idea behind it:
- write less and cleaner code
- encourage model driven development (optimal use of the data layer) and use new customization paradigms
- use 'event based customization' over 'source based customization'

This technical conference is just the beginning … getting into the details, applying all the inovations and implementing this will require a considerable amount of effort and time.
Good to know all sessions are recorded and can be replayed afterwards, not only to view the sessions again, but also to have a peek at the sessions we couldn't attend.

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