Thursday, January 20, 2011

DAXCONF - Building, Configuration and Customization Cubes

Cubes and OLAP are not realy my piece of cake, so I'm not sure if my highlights below stress the correct innovations (especially since I've not done too much with cubes in previous versions).
But anyting would be better than nothing, right? Right! And if I really start talking trash … just let me know!

- Ax2012 comes with a number of preconfigured cubes out-of-the box. These are all aware of the new Ax2012 concepts like security, the dimension model, data effictive tables, ….
- Cubes support multiple languages
- Cubes are created and managed through a wizard in Ax, this wizard helps you to deploy, configure, update or create new analysis service project.
- These analysis service projects reside in the AOT, under the visual studio projects node, which makes them part of a model and therefor easier shipable.
- Changing licence/config key changes are no longer an issue; the configure option in the wizard take care of this
- The role center pages in Ax no longer display errors when the underlying content is unavailable (this type of error messages are hidden)
- Views can now be used in perspectives
- New calendar and time dimension options are introduced
- Rolebased permissions in Ax and SSAS are alligned

Hope this gives you a heads-up on what's coming.

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